The Right Cleaner With the Perfect Cleaning Experience

Cleaning everyone can do, but good cleaning sometimes turns out to be more difficult than expected. Do you use the right cloth? What kind of means do you clean? We have collected tips for you to make your cleaning skills even better.

Vacuum clean first and then dampen it

Everyone has his or her own order of cleaning. You may already be doing well, but it is important to vacuum first and then to go over furniture and window sills with a damp cloth.

If you vacuum, you suck up a lot of dust, but not everything. The dust that is not sucked up unconsciously spreads through the room, and then descends on your furniture. With the best in part time cleaner this is important now.


Replace your dishcloth

It is really true: in many cases your toilet seat contains fewer bacteria than the dish cloth. With a dishcloth you take off the dining table and the sink, and then also go over the gas stove. In addition, everyone tackles the cloth with unwashed hands and bacteria feel very much at home in a warm wet environment.

The alternative?

Disposable wipes. These are of course completely unsustainable, so we have another tip for you: put the moist dishcloth for 30 seconds in the microwave and then rinse it well. Because of the heat from the microwave, the bacteria cannot stay alive.

Was more often on a short program

An average washing machine takes about two hours to clean the laundry. That takes a lot of time, water, energy and it is often unnecessary. Take for example sportswear. You have these clothes short, but you sweat them. By washing these clothes on a short program, they become clean and fresh again and you do not have to wait that long until it is finished.

Use a cleaning schedule

To clean as efficiently as possible, a cleaning schedule can help you. Divide the cleaning activities so that you spend only a few minutes every day on cleaning. So you do not have to look up to it and you keep it well. Read our article on how to prepare a cleaning schedule.


Protect your oven

You know it well: you have prepared a delicious oven dish and after fifteen minutes in the oven the contents start to bubble and the liquid drips over the bottom of your oven. Because the oven is still hot, you cannot clean it immediately and cake the blob.

To counter this, there is a smart solution. Put a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom of your oven during baking. If your dish or baking is leaking, it is caught by the foil and you do not have to clean your oven. That makes a difference.

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